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2015-07-31 11:35:34 by Natapink

I'm baaaaaack!

I'm still not dead!

2014-12-07 15:30:23 by Natapink

Don't even think about digging that grave

Really busy

2014-10-18 17:04:41 by Natapink

I'm now using Paint Tool SAI for my art.

I've been really stressed out with college lately, and I've been very busy with assignments, so I wasn't as active as I used to be.

Using a new art program

2014-08-21 12:22:31 by Natapink

It's called ''FireAlpaca'' and I love it.

Up for voice acting again

2014-08-02 15:28:37 by Natapink

I'm returning to voice acting, I got a new mic.

Coming back!

2014-06-02 06:03:03 by Natapink

Hey everyone! I got a new laptop charger!!! So my laptop has been revived!

Back to my busy life

2014-01-06 20:23:19 by Natapink

How I missed it dearly. /sarcasm  

My Christmas Presents

2013-12-25 04:47:44 by Natapink

WELL, where do I start?

First off, I got a Wacom Drawing Tablet!!!!!

I also got a posable Manikin

I'm really happy!

A simple greeting

2013-12-23 19:12:40 by Natapink

Merry Christmas Eve everyone! :D

Best day ever!

2013-11-27 12:43:30 by Natapink


I'm moving after New Year!